Friends of HOPE

friends_of_hopeIn its almost 40 years of operation, many people have joined hands with HOPE and given support in many different ways. We want to extend a big, warm ‘Thank you’ to all friends of HOPE: donor partners, Government officials, resource persons, volunteers, NGOs, sister organizations and well wishers.


Sponsors & Supporters

  • Brahma Builders for funding H.O.P.E.’s day care center for the children of migrant workers since its launch in 2007
  • MISEREOR, weltkirche-desk1, Helpage Itay for their project support to reach out.
  • Jesus Youth Group for sponsoring the education of  so many children.
  • Sr. Lucy Kurien from MAHER for accepting and helping many of H.O.P.E.’s emergency cases
  • Provincial Sr. Bromadine Pallokaran for her constant support.
  • All our friends both Indian and other countries for their constant support.
  • Brothers from SVD Divine World Seminary, Jesuit brothers, Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth (JVD), Norbertines brothers, Holy Spirit brothers and Missionaries of Saint Francis de Sales (MSFS) for giving their continued voluntary service


Connected NGOs

friends_of_hopeHOPE keeps close relations to national and local organizations with a similar scope of work in order to share knowledge, exchange information and to support each other. Here are some of the organisations ans NGOs HOPE is connected with: