Summer camp for the children - April 2013

Hope had summer camp for the day care center construction site children from 15th of April to the 20th of April 2013. The children enjoyed the special activities conducted by the Blessed sacrament brothers and volunteers from Czech republic. The children learnt creative art like drawings, crafts, paining etc and also enjoyed games and snacks.

HOPE also organised summer camp from 22nd April to the 30th April2013 for children from single parents and all those interested specailly those who cannot afford high fees to join the summer camp activities in other places. There were nearly 90 children enrolled for this years camp. This year we had western and classical dance classes organised for the children. The children also had yoga, meditation, singing and value education sessions. They all enjoyed the days. Best was the rally organised for the summer camp children on the 30th April to create awareness on the occasion of anti child labour day. It was a great success. Children were well prepared by the animators of HOPE. They knew the cause of their coming together to stand for the rights of the children who are deprived of their education and childhood. They shouted slogans saying stop child labour, this India belongs to children, we have a right to education, we have right to life, right to health, right to food. They went to the small hotels who were employing the children and told the owners to stop the children from emploment and advised them to send them to school. They rescured two children that day.