H.O.P.E, Fr. Agnel Ashram and Maher celebrates International Women’s Day 2015, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune.

'Stree Shaanti ki Aor'


On the occasion of the international women’s day, H.O.P.E, Fr. Agnel Ashram and Maher in Vadgaon Sheri depicting the theme ‘Women towards Peace….Stree shanti ki aor’ on 7th March organized a mega joint rally from Vidhyankur School to Vadgaon Sheri last bus stop. Some 1000 and more women/children took part amidst the busy traffic on Saturday and raised their voices with megaphones, placards, balloons and banners only for peace. The women energetically participated in singing and voicing slogans, “Stree Mata hai, Stree mamta hai”, “Stree kranti, Stree Mukti pragati thu hai”, “We are women bound by a common belief and purpose, we believe violence against women and girls is intolerable, we believe these acts are criminal, this is why we march”, “We march peacefully for a cause, we march peacefully for a violence free India, we march for women’s safety”.

Mrs. Mina Kurlekar, Director Vanchit Vikas was the Chief Guest in her speech she encouraged all women to be confident and forge ahead in daily life. Peter Lobo, Asst. Commissioner of Police was the honored guest for the occasion. Mrs. Sunita Joglekar, director of Vanchit Vikas, Mrs. Meenal Kasbe, Principal of Vidhyankur School, Sr. Lucy Kurien, Director of Maher, Flory Menezes, Director of H.O.P.E., Fr. Dilip from Agnel  Ashram were also part of the event. The international women’s day was graced with their presence celebrating their contribution and role of women for peace.

Seeing the stark reality in our country and world at large, women and children become the worst victims of terrorist attacks, communal violence, civil and interstate wars etc.  The rally commemorated the reality where one reads and hears the media giving us the grave details of rape, dowry deaths, acid attacks, exploitation, ill treatment, inequality, gender discrimination etc. Facing all this world of reality, the woman stands for peace and harmony. She appeals for safety for her and for the whole of creation.

The program began with a theme song by H.O.P.E staff which highlighted the beautiful qualities of women.  After a short formal program the rally was flagged off by Mr. Peter Lobo, Asst. Commissioner of Police.

It was a spectacular view to see women and children marching for a social cause so serenely. The rally terminated at Vadgaon Sheri last bus stop. With deep love, the crowd paid respectful homage of silence for the victims of violence. As the balloons were released it was like the balloons were lifting away the problems, the pain with a secret message of hope, prayers and love for women. The rally ended with the theme song by H.O.P.E. staff and MLA Jagdish Mulik’s speech. 

We are proud to affirm that this celebration was successfully conducted as shown by the numerous activists and their involvement during the day, as well as the interest proved by the media and all. 

Dignataries Present for the celebration of International Women's Day Rally
Flagging off the rally by Inspector Peter Lobo.
Women marching for a violence free India.
Moment of Silence was observed for the women who were the victims of violence.