Bishop Thomas Dabre empowers H.O.P.E. through a social visit camp to a leprosy home

Pune Bishop Thomas Dabre motivates H.O.P.E

14th march, 2015 was a day of love and pride shown towards the members of H.O.P.E. by our Bishop Thomas Dabre as he had organized a short visit to Anandagram leprosy Home, Alandi. To overcome challenges and move forward with every trial of life thanking God, in the season of lent was the actual message that the bishop wanted us to realize and therefore had organized this visit. Some 30 members of H.O.P.E. had participated in this visit along with the boarders of St. Patrick’s School, Pune.

Ms. Falcy Fernandez and Mrs. Anna Fernandez, H.O.P.E. Social workers, enlightened the visit by their melodious singing. The boarders of St. Patrick’s School played games, danced and enjoyed with the patients. With these activities put forth one could see the glimpse and happiness on the faces of each patient.

Mr. Francis gave a brief talk on the establishment, benefactors and the progress of the Anandagram leprosy camp, Alandi.

This social visit ended as the members of H.O.P.E. along with the boarders went around each ward meeting the patients affected and greeting them a speedy recovery and their well being.